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About Me


My Background

I'm a Miami, FL native and now call Frisco, TX my home.  I'm a self taught Artist and after discovering my gift for art, I began very quickly to focus on it full time.  Within 2 years my career started to grow exponentially.  My art is now throughout the US and several pieces have been placed Internationally.  Along with my wall art, I have a beautiful hand crafted custom rug collection.  My exquisite, hand knotted rugs can be made from any piece of my art.  Thank you for your interest in my work.  

I find it a true honor to make the world a more beautiful place with my art.


My Medium

All of my pieces are created on a wooden base and vary on size depending on the project.  My largest single piece of art is a 60"X120."  My technique is a unique layering process using a combination of glaze and acrylic.  I use anywhere from 6 - 15 gallons of product per piece depending on the size.

Heartis Senior Living Center installation

My Inspiration

My inspiration is this most amazing world we live in.  Designed and created by God, the Ultimate Creator. 

I was raised in the water and my heart has always been in the ocean.  Many of my pieces reflect this passion and love of mine by their aquatic nature.

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